AI-JAM Association
We are an international association based in the US, dedicated to promoting advanced innovation in the age of technology and AI.


AI-JAM provides networking opportunities with the advanced Invention community along with a host of free membership, a cloud-based judging system, access to promotion network, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) educational training programs.

Through partnerships with various organizations including Google and KAIST, we provide programs ranging from project-based learning, to creator competitions and product marketing opportunities.

Convergent AI Application Program

In partnership with ASCAAI, Google and KAIST, we provide a project-based learning program designed to help bring the power of AI to everyone in all fields. Member students will be given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of AI and apply it to real-world projects.

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International AI Creator Competitions

Member organizations and students can participate in international competitions to put their inventions and projects to the test. AI-JAM hosts a number of international competitions, and partners with others to provide even more opportunities to our members.

Internation AI Convergence Creative Olympic
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AI-JAM Japan
Advanced Innovation Creative Olympic
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AIGC Singapore
Advanced Innovation Global Competition
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AI Product Launch Platform

In partnership with WE THE PEOPLE and FCBC, we help AI creators with fundraising, marketing, logistics and more. Our main showcasing events will be held in Santana Row in Silicon Valley, the heart of AI innovation.

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