What is AI-JAM?

AI-JAM is the international association for the promotion of advanced innovation. AI-JAM has regional invention fairs in many different countries for various range of people, from primary to university students, and adult inventors in the world. AI-JAM is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Our focuses on advanced innovation such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Data-based applications across many different disciplines. AI-JAM has been leading the new upcoming market based on AI, Data Science Applications, and international invention networks enable to promote all inventors in the world.


Top Global technology leader to lead a knowledge-based Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Training human resources to understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to use AI technology through systematic and efficient implementation of invention projects. We recruit convergent inventions and research among interdisciplinary applications with cutting-edge technology to lead the innovation in the 4.0 era. We reinforce AI Application learning programs for young inventors to make the application of new technologies based on current problems and life needs. 

Main Activities

  • Hold or assist in holding conferences, competitions, international invention fairs, and organize professional lectures around the world.
  • Provide AI application educational program to Institutions of Education, Instruction or Research with AI technology as a tool.
  • Enhance the development and utilization of inventions using AI technology.
  • Promote cooperation between new technology inventors and investors over the world.
  • Developing researches culture focused on AI and IoT technology.

Our Achievements

  1. Held AI-JAM US 2019 in Santa Clara, USA
  2. Has been cooperating with IYIA Indonesia invention 2016 ~ 2019
  3. AIGC Singapore 2019
  4. AI-JAM JAPAN 2019
  6. AI Application education program
  7. Sponsor from ASCAAI.org (American Society for Convergent Application in AI)
  8. Strong Partnership with Indonesia and Malaysia Inventions Associations

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